Committed to deliver superior quality and results


Over 60+ years in the industry.

Sugandar Light House is a Professional Sound & Lights Rental Company. Whether its a product launch, a conference, a road show, an extravaganza, an exhibition, a convention, an intimate business function, a concert tour, a small screen presentation or a memorable stadium concert. We understand your needs and we fulfill them with providing you with the best quality for a successful event.


Sugandar Light House started off as a small, Bengaluru-based sound and lighting company in 1958, under the strong leadership of Founder, Mr. S M Mohan. It was a company with little equipment, but with a lot of imagination. Today, we are Bengaluru’s leading technical supplier with state-of-the-art equipment. And we haven’t lost the imagination we started out with or forgotten our humble roots.

01. Our Vision

To become the solutions provider of choice to all major events taking
place in the city. Passion, teamwork, and commitment to excellence are
the foundations on which SLH has been built. This vision has helped us
earn a great reputation for technical and creative solutions.

02. Our Mission

To be the premier technical solutions provider, servicing all aspects
of the event industry with expertise of the highest caliber. Possessing state-of-the-art technology and qualified experienced personnel with a passion for the industry.

03. Our Value

At Sugandar Light House, we consider our staff as our most important asset. Which is why we place a great deal of importance on training and skill development to ensure they are the best professionals in the industry. We place emphasis on keeping them abreast of all the latest equipment in the industry.

04. Expanding Goal

We always look to constantly improve our operational system, maintain
the highest international benchmarks, promote local industry growth and
development, and expand by sharing of expertise and equipment. We strive to sustain customer relationships with professional service, dependability, and most importantly, consistent quality.

Team of Experts

Credibly reintermediate backend ideas for cross-platform models. Continually reintermediate integrated processes through technically sound intellectual capital. Holistically foster superior methodologies without market-driven best practices.


Founder & Chairman of SLH

Mr. Saravana Velu, He is a legacy of SLH, about 68 years Old just in age facts. A businessman with excellent interpersonal skills, he treasures his relationships with the Staff & Labor and attributes the group’s of phenomenal success. A veteran with enormous sound knowledge and not to be missed on electrical lights. He is the driving force of the company. He has years of experience in line of activity through his family business.



Managing Director

Mr. Shivakumar aged about 40 years, is the manager of the company and also a businessman with excellent interpersonal skill set, he treasures his relationships with the Staff & Labour and attributes the group’s phenomenal success to team efforts and skills. He is in-charge of Administration and Management and is fully cognizant , of all the various technical and managerial aspects of the company due to the extensive exposure.



Head Of Operations / CTO

Mr. Prabhakar aged about 31 years, is the manager and HoO of the company. He is the youngest businessman of the family, he has excellent talent in event management field. He will be in-charge of technical and managerial OR (OPERATION) aspects of the company due to the extensive exposure.